Monday, 4 April 2016

Tractor Front End Weights

Tractor Front End Weights 

These weights attached to the tractors to provide stability and equalizing the front end weight when an implement is being drawn in the soil or a trailer carrying heavy loads is being pulled. 
 Tractor Front End Weight

Friday, 19 February 2016

Bed Maker

Bed Maker

Bed Maker is a simple implement to make beds for accurate and efficient plantation of crops.

 Border Disc, Bed Maker, Implement

 Border Disc, Bed Maker, implement

Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller is used for shelling separation of corn from maize cobs.

Machine can be operated by tractor PTO, an electric motor or even a diesel engine depending on the customer’s choice.

Machine shells the cobs, the corn is cleaned from trash with the help of a powerful blower. The shelled grains are conveyed through auger or the seed outlet and can be easily bagged.

Machine painted with weather and rust resistant paint, making it very durable and robust.

Disc Plough, Implement

Disc Plough

Disc Plough is mounted to tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system.

The discs can be adjusted according to the soil conditions by means of position and direction angle.

Round frame disc plough used for:

Cultivating of stubbly and fallowing soil 

Mulching the soil 

Preparing the Seed Bed

Reducing weeds and diseases

Properly using fertilizer, herbicide and stubble in the soil

Decreasing the wind and water erosion and maintaining rainwater on the field.

 Disc Plough, Implement