Thursday, 14 January 2016

Agricultural Loader, Farm Machinery

 Front End Loader, Agricultural Loader, Farm Machinery

·         Agricultural Loader, Front Blade, Front End Loader

·         Multi-purpose rugged & powerful machine for loading stone, brick crush, garbage, sand, grains etc.
·         Hydraulically operated
·         Quick attachable & de-attachable at front of the tractor
·         Different models available with lifting capacity; varying from 0.5 ton to 2 ton depending upon the tractor. 
·         Earth digging bucket with replaceable teeth
·         2 double acting rams for bucket lifting & 2 double acting ram for bucket tilting
·         Lift rams & bucket rams with imported honed steel tube & chrome plated shafts
·         II-spool, mono-block double actions control valve with adjustable relief valve
·         Different models available for different tractors
·         Optional accessories available on demand
·         Independent Hydraulic Pump 
·         Oil reserve tank 
·         Counter Weight Box
·         Heavy duty weight bearing tyre and hub
 Agricultural Loader, Farm Machinery
 Front Blade, Implements

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