Monday, 18 January 2016

Massey Ferguson 375 Tractor

Massey Ferguson 375, 75Hp 2WD brand new tractor is a member of the Massey Ferguson 300 series family.
The difference between the 200 series and the 300 series is mainly of the chassis and body size.

MF 375 is capable of performing whatever hard work required whether it is drawing, pulling or carrying. MF 375 equipped with a diesel heater which is helpful in quick starting and beneficial for the engine. There is less smoke emission due to better fuel burning; an oil cooler has also been added for effective cooling and to avoid engine overheating. Comfort is not comprised in the Mf 375 owing to its hydraulic suspension seat and an adaptable suspension. MF 375 comes with a factory fitted hydro static power steering for a comfortable drive. It is also equipped with hydraulically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brake. There is a robust straddle rear axle with encyclical reduction Unit, and heavy duty front axle and support. Using a 4.248 Perkins diesel engine; it provides with higher PTO power linkage and greater drawing capacity.

ROPS cabin is also available which can also be fitted with an Air Conditioner or a heater as per the customer’s demand.

MF 375 spare parts are easily available.

This tractor is equipped with a 108 liter fuel tank which offers longer working and driving times. The MF 375 is suitable inside the farms and also on the roads use.

MF 375  4WD also available.
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