Friday, 15 January 2016

Disc Harrow, Farm Tractor, Tractor, Machinery

Disc Harrow, Farm Implement, Farm Machinery

 Disc Harrow, Disc Plough, Farm Tractor
·         Machine is mounted and from tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system, making transportation to the field easy.
·         Furrow width can be easily adjusted according to the demanded range owing to its adjustable moldboard.
·         The primary function is to open furrows between rows and thus ridging furrow-planted seeds such as; corn, sunflower, etc.
·         Disc harrows are used for chopping of stems and mixing with soil after harvesting  after using ploughs, chisel and cultivator on the field, 
·         Disc harrow also used for breaking of clods and crumbling of soil.
·         Disc harrow efficiently used on all kinds of soils for making of seed beds, seedling beds, chopping of weeds, mixing of organic and inorganic fertilizers with soil and making aeration easy.

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  1. Disc Plough used for deep ploughing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and hard soils. Mixes remains of crops and weeds throughout the extremity of disc plough, so it is ideal for rain-fed areas for checking soil erosion by water and wind. Spring loaded at a loose cancel rear furrow wheel govern the side draft to ensure straight operate and ease of handling by smaller tractor. Other features complement Re-greasable Taper Roller Bearing in disc hubs, Disc angle malleable to improve the insight behind changing soil conditions, Cat I and II grip and the Disc Scrapers are along with variable to ensure that the Discs remain tidy in every one conditions.