Monday, 25 January 2016

Backhoe, Farm Machinery

This machine can be manufactured to fit on a variety of tractors ranging from 40Hp to 110Hp. 
A hydraullic pump comes factory fitted in the backhoe, so one does not need to hook it up to the tractors hydraulics.
The Backhoe is supplied with a powerful PTO shaft which is snap proof.
The Backhoe is easy to attach and detach with its 3 point hitch system. 
High pressure Hydraulic hose
Rams with imported honed steel tubes & chrome plated shafts
Heavy duty booms
Reinforced bucket 
Optional Clamp Shell bucket
We use superior components on all Backhoes designed to ensure performance, reliability, and power

 Backhoe, Farm Implements


  1. Disc Plough used for deep ploughing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and hard soils. Mixes remains of crops and weeds throughout the extremity of disc plough, so it is ideal for rain-fed areas for checking soil erosion by water and wind. Spring loaded at a loose cancel rear furrow wheel govern the side draft to ensure straight operate and ease of handling by smaller tractor. Other features complement Re-greasable Taper Roller Bearing in disc hubs, Disc angle malleable to improve the insight behind changing soil conditions, Cat I and II grip and the Disc Scrapers are along with variable to ensure that the Discs remain tidy in every one conditions.

  2. Nice Post! Really I get more information about this use of agriculture equipment.Thank You so much.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have been slowly trying to learn about tractors and other equipment because I will be moving into that line of work soon. I will not actually be using the equipment but I would like to be able to speak about it in an intelligent way. There is just so much to learn right now.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine